I hate orbitz

I just spent 5 hours on the phone to orbitz- mostly on hold to try and change my ticket. When they did actually get around to talking to me- they gave me a different story every time, kept telling me I had to contact the airline directly- which I would and they would tell me it was orbitz I should be talking to and then I would have to be on hold again before I was able to talk to someone. Then they tell me that all their supervisors are busy and that someone will call me back- no one did. I got so frustrated I called the out of US customer service number and finally got someone who at least attempted to help me, but in the end couldn’t. I called the airline one last time and finally they took pity on me because orbitz was being such stonewalling assholes, that they took care of it. Then I get a call from orbitz telling me that the issue is resolved as if they had anything to do with it. Ugh !!!!!!! 

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  1. okey dokey says:

    orbitz its just a company that gets sometimes best fares DIRECTLY from the airlines
    so if at the moment of attempting to make the purchase says
    “contact the airline directly” you need to do that
    or what?
    you dont remeber your hotmail password and says that you need to contact windows live and you get angry because why windows live? this is hotmail right??

    or are you blind or deaf
    but orbitz doesnt have the fault that some of their customers are so stupid

    and im very happy with my vacation package booked one month ago

  2. peach says:

    haha try working for orbitz. I do and so many things do not make sense. Trust me though we try our best. At least I know that I do and we try to MAKE the airlines refund tickets or exchange them correctly. How ever it is hard to MAKE someone do something that they are refusing to do.

    Unlike our manila offices we do tell the truth. I hate that orbitz outsources because the over seas offices tend to have a problem being honest with customers and just give them the run around. I tell it like it is even though sometimes it will piss off the customers. My philosophy is it is better to know the truth now then to be lied to and find out later.

  3. Orbitz, what a scam! After having been booted out twice, I finally was able to book my Orbitz reservation. Looking at the receipt, I see there is a parking fee at my point of origin. Not sure if I made the mistake, or if Orbitz required me to de-select parking. $45 fee that the website says is absolutely unrefundable. Twenty stupid upsells that I neither need nor want. Have booked three separate bookings in the past three months with a total value of over $4000 (admittedly not a record breaker, but I always depended on Orbitz for my US domestic flights. I won’t make the mistake of using Orbitz again! Expedia gets my business from now on.

  4. Well good news folks. Orbitz just MAY be listening. Today received an e-mail that a full refund will be processed!

  5. Brigitte Abbot says:

    Don’t book with Orbitz.com! Bait & switch!

    I tracked their international flights for two weeks. I was tracking a multi-city route. When I finally go to book, the advertised fare increases! So I found similar flights with just one more connection, and that price stayed the same on the booking page.

    So I called Orbitz to find out why does one fare go up and the other stays the same. I spoke to a customer service agent AND a supervisor AND then back to the agent. Guess what? An hour later and still on the phone, when I refresh the page, the flight with the layover increased too! Back to the Supervisor, lame answer, we’ll check with the IT department. I’m sure that’s the standard Orbitz.com response. Orbitz.com… false advertising and bait and switch at its finest!!!

    Too bad Orbitz.com… my 9 other friends and I flying from Seattle to Cape Town, and Kilimanjaro to Amsterdam and back to Seattle will just book directly with KLM or Delta.

    First choice flights: original advertised price $1726. Time to book price? $1844.

    Second choice flights: original advertised price $1706. Time to book price? $1826.

    Anyone want to start a class-action law-suit against Orbitz? It’s false advertising and although the customer makes the decision to buy at the price it ultimately is, you’ve spent DAYS researching and tracking flights with them based on being given a much lower price. How do I get my time back?

  6. BD Talley says:

    Please visit my blog for all of the pictures/info: http://downwithorbitz.blogspot.com/

    I hope to document how unreasonable Orbitz has been after simply being asked to correct an error of their own making. Hopefully this blog will prevent others from doing business with Orbitz and subsequently being forced to deal with the feckless and incompetent individuals in the customer service department.

    After deciding on Istanbul as a Spring holiday destination, I spent a couple of days searching Kayak and ITA Matrix for the best Itinerary. Eventually, I decided upon an itinerary that had a 26 hour layover in Barcelona before continuing on to Istanbul. While normally this would have been a horrible itinerary, I was excited by the itinerary as it would give me the opportunity to be in Barcelona for the return leg of the Champions League football matchup between Barcelona and Arsenal.

    Shortly after booking my flight, I noticed that I had not received a booking confirmation email. After registering my email address, I was able to access my itinerary using the “My Trips” section of the website. I only returned to my itinerary in the “My Trips” section after finding a hotel in Istanbul. I needed the exact departure date and decided that I would make my seat assignments on the carrier’s (Spanair) website while I had the itinerary pulled up.

    Once I confirmed the dates and retrieved the record locator for use on Spanair’s website, I noticed an option to add my itinerary to my Mac’s calendar (iCal). I downloaded itinerary and was given the first glimpse of what has proven to be a nightmarish situation. The itinerary that loaded on my computer’s calendar had the correct departure date and time but was otherwise incorrect. More specifically, the itinerary provided for an arrival in Barcelona 10 hours before my flight was scheduled to leave the US.

    I noted the irregularity in the itinerary that I downloaded to my calendar and proceeded to the Spanair website to see if their records reflected the correct itinerary. The Spanair website had all of the correct dates and times with one very important exception. Instead of departing from Barcelona on the 9th of March a full 26 hours after my arrival, I was booked on a flight that departed for Istanbul a mere 2 hours after my arrival in Barcelona.

    After printing all of the itineraries and comparing them with the itinerary shown on the Orbitz website, I decided to call Orbitz to figure out the cause of the discrepancies. I had no idea that I would still not have a resolution almost three weeks later.

    My first attempts at contacting Orbitz were not very useful as the customer service agents seemed unable to fully understand what I was asking. Several agents “confirmed” that my Monday evening flight from New Jersey would indeed land in Barcelona Monday morning a full 10 hours before my departure time. Eventually, I was able to speak with an agent who understood my problem. The agent placed me on hold several times as he spoke with a supervisor concerning the booking error and eventually returned with the news that the issue would be investigated further. I was promised a call back from Orbitz within 2 business days.

    After not receiving the promised call, I contacted Orbitz via email and live chat to follow up. I received confirmation that there was indeed a mistake and was instructed to contact Customer Support once again.
    Eventually, I was able to speak with a manager in the Customer Service department who again acknowledged the mistake and spoke directly with Spanair in an attempt to find a resolution. After a couple of hours on the phone, the Spanair office closed (7 hour time difference). The manager said that he would fully document the situation and contact Spanair again the next day to resolve the situation.

    After again not receiving any new information on the situation, I called Orbitz customer support. I was eventually put through to a manager who was immediately defensive when given the facts of the situation. To my surprise, the manager attempted to convince me that the 24 hour difference in time between the itinerary I booked and the one Orbitz submitted to Spanair was not something Orbitz was responsible for. Further, the manager posited that because the flight was not booked as a multi-segment flight, I couldn’t have possibly expected that a 26 hour layover was in fact a 26 hour layover.

    The manager eventually called Spanair again after I insisted that I was not a clairvoyant and that it was completely unreasonable for Orbitz to expect me to know that they intended 2 hours when they published 26 hours. After being placed on hold several times as she spoke with Spanair, the manager returned to say that Orbitz would take up to 10 business days to investigate the matter. When asked about her conversation with Spanair, she stated that there would be a change fee to correct the itinerary and that Orbitz would not cover the cost unless the results of their internal investigation justified it. At this point, I became very frustrated as it was very clear that Orbitz was doing everything possible to completely dismiss my very legitimate concern about my itinerary.

    Shortly after dealing with the second manager on the phone, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The complaint contained all of the facts described above along with pdf files of the different itineraries. To my surprise, this is the response I received from Orbitz:

    I don’t want to charge back the flight but Orbitz is seemingly going out of their way to be unhelpful. How was I “advised” that they would book me on the wrong flight!? I fully appreciate that cheap, discounted fares can’t be modified without the paying of change fees. However, in this instance where Orbitz has made a mistake with my itinerary I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect for them to correct their mistake.

  7. Ryan McCullough says:

    I booked a flight with orbitz long in advance and the itinerary changed so on May 20th they sent me the changes, for my August/Sept 2011 vacation. Great! Good to know.
    I was schedualed to return Sept 4th. Departing at 7AM from Genova to Rome and connecting in Rome to JFK at 10:30 AM.
    In Genova I was told that they did not have my reservation and I showed them my confirmation print out. They had no record of it.
    They said I could fly out at 3:40 PM. If I did that I would miss my connecting flight so they said I would have to pay $400 US equivalent for my wife and I to fly to Rome to connect. I had no choice paid the money on a plane that had over a dozen empty seats.
    Once in Rome, I went to the Atalia clerk and was told my reservation from Rome to JFK was not booked but I could fly out on the next flight 8 hours later. I showed them my confirmation number and was told that orbitz made the mistake with more than one customer.
    I spoke to Julie an orbitz supervisor, and she was deceptive. Going on about the May 20th confirmation and assuring me ” I think I’ve been clear and accurate” and tried to rush me off the phone without resolving the matter.
    She mentioned the May 20th confirmation change that they sent me and said I made the mistake. I told her I had that confirmation and that was the itinerary I was following, and I had a copy.
    Then she changed her story and said the itinerary changed on Sept 3rd. and they were not required to contact me because it was international. WHAT? I was at the airport at 4 Am on Sept 4th.
    They are required to contact me and didn’t and simply blew me off and took no blame or action for their errors.
    I hope I can find more sites like this to blog them I plan to spread the word every day for a mopnth. Cut and paste.

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